This article is not written so much for the MSM crowd or the bubble gum truther crowd but for those ready to go a bit deeper down the rabbit hole because the NWO understands the various levels of dissent and designs strategies to deal with them all so they can have  them singing a tune of the elite's liking while the people targeted think they are singing their own. (1) Immediately following the suicide, a "go fund me"donation page was set up and both the alternative media 
"Crisis actor", Bauman scam!as well as the MSM have been happy to push this site into the attention 

span   of the  listener to push tragic narratives to suit the sale. We claim there is some real sleight of hand going on here and this article will make an effort to begin to sort out the mess.

 anastasia157 a partner in crime of mine provides this background analysis of the family and the suicide:

David Crowley was in the military for five years, which tells me that he may have re-enlisted one or more times. He did at least one tour in Afghanistan where we were bombing the cities, towns and villages of the "Flintstones", on the flimsy excuse that the Afghanis would not turn over Osama bin Laden who "planned 911." He also did a tour  in Iraq brought on by the equally poor excuse that Saddam Hussein also "planned 911" and had "weapons of mass destruction." These wars are like shooting ducks in a barrel. Crowley never spoke against these wars, and frankly, seemed quite enthralled with his military experience. I do not know any self-respecting conspiracy theorist who would voluntarily join up to fight in such wars,do you? They say he "woke up" during the war, but is it likely? Even if a civilian American were strapped in front of a television set for 20 years, it does not compare to the kind of brainwashing going on in the military, and for those who do not take to such military conditioning, there are always psychotropic drugs to dispense to those who resist. But onto the troubling Crowley story.

. In September, 2014, Crowley was liquidating his Bullet Exchange Company, a company which rented military props and costumes. One might ask how he was planning in September 2014 to make his movie without props and costumes? In September 2014, he had a big yard sale at his house that was advertised on Craig's list. Around September 2014, his wife, Komel, quit her income paying job, even though she was the only person in that family with an income producing job. Does this not sound like the kind of activity that a family engages in when they are planning on relocating and changing their lives?

Komar's dad oozes prosperity to meOn January 20, 2015, three days after the rotting bodies of Crowley, his wife and his 5 year old child were found, the surviving members of the family set up a Too prosperous to not have insurancefundraiser to collect money for not "veterans with mental illness brought on by war", but a fundraiser for money for themselves, or for, they say, the mother in law who was said to be in the hospital for 6 months, with cancer, and no health insurance. Obama forcing everyone to buy health insurance under penalty of law apparently had no affect on the in-laws. Yet, what I discovered was that for 30 years, the mother in law's husband, was a CEO of Vista Insurance Group, which was his

own insurance broker business. Are we being expected to believe that a CEO in the insurance business for over 30 year did not obtain health insurance for his family? If anyone could find the right plan, couldn't he?

The bodies of this young couple and their child (someone's granddaughter, in this case, 4 people's granddaughter) were rotting in the house for one month, even over Christmas, yet no one engaged or, indeed, demanded to see them during that time? (this is a big problem). When the brother went to the door with presents, he tells us he did not even knock, nor did he look into the large open picture window that he had to pass in order to get to the door. Had he done so, like the neighbor, he would have seen in direct view of that window the bodies of his brother and family. Yet, no guilt, grief, or shock interfered with the idea of the family to, within one or two days of the neighbor finding the rotting bodies, set up a fundraiser for themselves, with a 6 million dollar fundraising goal. They tell us that the mother in law has cancer and has been in the hospital for 6 months, incurring 5 million dollars in debt. But I must ask myself what hospital today keeps any patient hospitalized for 6 months, no matter what dread disease or condition you are in, cancer notwithstanding?

The Nutrition Director of the University of Minnesota where Crowley's wife did a fellowship was interviewed after the deaths. The Director stated that she had lunch with Crowley's wife, Komel just a few months ago (around September 2014), and she said that that she had never seen Komel "happier" . Yet, Komel's mother by then, we know, had been diagnosed with a serious cancer (serious enough to require 5 million dollars in medical care). Yet, to the Director's observation, Komel appeared to be "never happier?" "Never happier" at a time when she found out her mother had cancer and no health insurance. "Never happier" at a time when Komel quit her job and no one in the family was generating any income?

David Crowley and family lived in Minnesota for around 6 years, and no one in that family had an income producing job for the entire 6 years, with the exception of Komel who worked for about 18 months. Yet, both David and Komel went to colleges there, Komel to earn her Masters and do a Fellowship and David, who went to an expensive private business school. The family also owned a $60,000 Audi. And how did Crowley buy all those props, costumes, military equipment and an arsenal of "real" military guns (and prop guns) which he used in his "actor training" in the Bullet Exchange Business as shown on youtube videos (the use of real guns). He used real guns for training and prop guns for the movie.

For six years, virtually no one in that family held down an income producing job. And even when the Crowleys were claiming to  go broke, the wife dared to quit her job to "go into business for herself" ( that screams that her job was not necessary to meeting day to day expenses at a time when David,  removed from friends and relatives was claiming poverty)? Komel's new business was an internet Nutrition and Dietician advice business right smack in the middle of the middle class community of Minnesota. Who in Minnesota would spend money to go to such a person?

No health insurance while running a Casualty insurance Co. and lobbying city hall for zoning changes?The neighbor across the street said that the Crowley's invariably kept the shades always closed. . Yet, on the night they died, the shades were uncharacteristically open. Crowley allegedly shot his family in the living room, at night, with the lights on, in front of a large picture window with the shades uncharacteristically wide open? We know this because the lights were on when the bodies were found; the shades were open, the bodies were in direct view of the large picture window that the neighbor "glanced" into when he saw the bodies. You would think that the "depressed" Crowley would have waited until his beloved 5 year old daughter was asleep in her bed before shooting her in the head.

I cannot say that the police or media are acting less strangely.  In the published stories of the police investigation and medical examiner’s investigation, there is no comment about the condition of the bodies, what kind of gun and caliber bullets were used, how many bullets wounds to the bodies head, where they were on the body, the condition of the house, if the dog had food left for it (or where the dog found food), the room they were found in (i.e. living room, den, bedroom, etc), or especially the medical examiner’s findings about the cause of death and date of death. Are these not pertinent facts normally published in a suicide story? None were published in this case.

I do not believe that Crowley was murdered by the government. Why would the government wish to bring attention to a movie that was never going to get off the ground? As a matter of fact, I would think that the government would have sent Crowley a thank you note for making such a movie. The government spends presumably millions to keep soldiers in battle fatigues and machine guns on the streets of NYC since 911, not because we need their presence there, but for the psychological effect. That is why I would think the government would thank Crowley for helping them out with that.

This was a flopThere are numerous reasons why the Crowley story given to us makes no sense, but it is certainly not because he was murdered by the government. Frankly, Crowley reminds me of Timothy McVeigh, who I still have a hard time believing is dead. ."

 ****So after that fine synopsis, let me reiterate. David Crowley, re-deployed to Iraq, long after WMDs had not been discovered and information was all over the place as far as doubts about the official reasons for  America deploying folks there. Many conspiracists had loudly proclaimed by that time that no Muslims at all were responsible for 911 and it was an inside- outside US government- Jewish power, Mossad op-hit all the way. All this in the news but David redeploys to Iraq? Folks, when you gander at his propaganda documentary, "rough cut", you will see a long list of suspected truth movement infiltrators directing your attention to Libertarian nirvana and to "Nazis are  evil" brainwashed memories ingrained by the Jewish propaganda machine.Those two topics are totally non-threatening to the government. TPTB in the movie industry (Jews), have had a bunch of "America is evil" movies released and all this suggests with the recent knowledge many of us have accumulated with the Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing psyops on the American people, that David Crowley and his crew my have been put together behind the curtain or by the unseen power. Scrutinizing David Crowley on screen, I'm sorry, I don't see an exceptional human being that  his partners all claim him to be. I see a designated fall guy for a psyop still to be played out and in transition. Again, this problem leads me back to my "this is a government psyop" stance relating to this whole event.

   Notice all psyops like Sandy Hook, immediately try to capitalize  on public sympathies by establishing  websites dedicated to helping the families. In the case of Sandy Hook,  they had the websites up before the event took place so we take note of that when Dan Crowley, in a situation where his world is seemingly turned upside down, his brother killed, two days later, sets up a go fund me account for David's dead wife's mom. Seems a bit quick, eh? No, it actually is slower than usual. It's one thing to have a slow lingering death and everyone knows it is coming and to be on the ready when the death happens. It's quite another to get hit out of the blue,  to the floor, immediately get up and say, we need a go fund me site set up to help the in-laws, who are richer than us, we barely know. We shall get into some background on this. The claim is the dead wife's mom, from Texas, was uninsured and had terminal cancer and is five million dollars in debt. What this has to do with David killing his family in Minnesota and why we all would want  to compensate the in-laws for their lack of preparedness for a disease such as cancer, is all interesting to contemplate and then why Dan would jump at that idea while still seemingly reeling from the news of the murder-suicide is worthy of our pondering deeply. Please remember-this is  MO (modus operandi) behavior for false flags. It's all about creating sympathy, fear and  paranoia in the populace and MAKING MONEY while enabling additional freedom clampdowns as a result. The Luciferian elites require two things when they try to accomplish something. It has to meet their long range world domination objectives which require subversion of the 99% and it must immediately make them some money. This was true of Sandy Hook, 911,The Holohoax, and Boston Bombing. Many or all of these events become lynchpin lies in a series of lynchpin lies that bolster the "information" these societies believe as fact. TPTB may want to create a false reality to enhance the desire to see, in this case, a "Gray State" finished product and whoop up the interest.So we will discuss, the climate created by the suicides and the psychology behind the "go fund me" caper.

The David Crowley Family in happier times

     For  a rehash as to why I flagged the ideas behind the movie as chopped full of intentional dis-info while mostly spouting a socially  acceptable political view of Libertarian-ism, go here. Consider the fact, when I watched the documentary , I was prepared to see reasons why the government might murder David, a view still being pushed  by most of the alternative media. This too is part of the psyop. The Judeo-masons are pulling the wool over our eyes in two different ways with totally different narratives depending on which path you take.  Given the fact that power userption and maintenance requires an infiltration into all those groups, who would oppose you, to control dissent while a, likewise, "herding" of those who believe you helps explain the two paths in this psyop. The first path is assigned to the main stream media and it's something we have seen all our lives.

Luke Rudkowsky, hangin with his tribe , always with an eye out for "kindergarten truthers" to join "We Are Change"  It's the official explanation that the government and all folks that believe their explanations always maintain as credible. 911 was committed by Muslims who live in Afghanistan with no indoor plumbing for the purpose of committing Jihad in perpetuity and  must be stopped by hook or by crook.Chechen terrorists did the Boston bombing and 20 kids died at Sandy Hook.80% of Americans fall into this category in their behavior. Some may be ripe to move deeper but the peer pressure to this point has kept them under control. All are easily herd-able sheep to any pen the Judeo- Masons that rule us would like them to go to. For them "the GoFundMe psyop" must have an innocent victim to support the cause.Komar, her daughter and by extension her mom fill that bill nicely.

   Then there is the conspiracy crowd.There are different levels of conspiracy and some levels are much easier to fool than other levels. Currently, the one thing they all have in common is that they are all controlled covertly by the  Judeo-mason fronts who have infiltrated as false dissent leaders. It is these folks that have the highest profile  media coverage and the more sleazier they are, the closer to the main stream media they are. I would put RT and Abbey Martin, A.Jones and Info-wars, as folks the mainstream media is already willing to expose to the dumbed down sheep ripe for such a  transition. Again, the idea is to herd the lolli-pop truthers back into the "mainstream" with such a move. If things get more chaotic, can't you just see the Libertarian party actually being allowed to partake in the "politics as usual" psyop that, till now,has been reserved only for the traditional left and right entities called Republicans and Democrats. Look for Adam Kokesh, the "get arrested truther" for freedom" as a leader there. I have watched him and I don't like him but he's a good salesman. Again, this maneuver would create the illusion that there "really is free speech and real democracy" in the land.This is why an Adam Kokesh is being groomed. Remember "Mr. Status Quo", John Kerry was protesting the war in Vietnam as a former soldier and unknown st to us a member of "Skull and Bones" with Bush at the time. It's the illusion sold that turns into "reality" by being believed. SOS, we have an "awareness problem", people!

   So, there are different levels of conspiracy theorists and the stupider levels require less expertise to fool. Like I said, all the levels are being fooled and most  are currently accepting the idea that these three folks were suicided but mainly because most folks  only have a vague idea as to what happened and what the movie op, Gray State was all about. They are only aware of the hype surrounding the event. For these folks to give to the gofundme caper, they must believe in a martyr and his cause. Many posers for truth, who have influence, are selling just that.

     Sheep are never aware of anything more than hype or sound bites while many truthers are pretty good at internet research on their own.But no research and they are as easy to fool as dumbed down sheep and many truthers are taking the hype here about a "government hit" as fact.

    I determined that Gray State is targeting the Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowsky, easily fooled truthers who are totally ignorant  of much of the real truth behind the secret societies since they get their dis-info from Jones and Icke who find scapegoats and fiction imaginings to take the place of the heart of the real conspiracy which is of course, Talmudic Jews. I have touched on why that is so in almost all articles I write so please browse my site for back up on that. Now the deeper conspiracy theorists are all aware of those potential pitfalls so they are given harder to detect distractions in service to  the elites by the infiltrators in those areas. Actually, often the game is detecting the weaknesses of the audience you are targeting and feeding it to distraction. For example, many Conspiracy wise whites are race paranoid so, the elites feed em race paranoia. Simple, eh? They know about the elites but place as much importance  on problems with Muslims and Blacks forgetting or not knowing that those two groups are but pawns in the Luciferian psyop to make us fight each other used by the maestro (the elites) who is the one actually making the crappy music behind the curtain that's driving us nutz! It works extremely well and keeps us divided, all the "unchosen", with invisible barriers separating us from joining hands as one aware entity to fight them. In any resistance, our enemies will be all those, regardless of race,creed,or culture, that are unaware of the source of our problems (Talmudic jews and their Mason dawgs) and the internationalist one world agenda that they aim for (refer to the authentic document called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" for back-up). This is so because these proletariet enemies will continue to believe the lies of the Luciferian brainwashing machine (the mainstream media) that we are the "terrorists" and not the "freedom fighters" we, in fact, are in our resistance.

  What this op is selling to the sheep is a gun nut with PTSD and a bunch of conspiracies in his head, who broke under the pressure committing a horrendous act.

"Useful idiots" and ops pushing the Gov. "hit" narrative

 "Everyone call their congressman to pass more police state laws and improve spying equipment! We need that long overdue gun ban legislation,too!" For the  Lolli-pop conspiracy crowd, they are offering a brave martyr fighting to keep the 4th Reich (big-time dis-info) from completing  their mission of world domination! "Long live David Crowley, long live Gray State! Now we must fund that movie by any means necessary for we have the powers that be scared and "wetting" their pants!" By this, the elites are creating a martyr who was offering a bunch of gobbledygook, sprinkled with some legitimate information so as to remain plausible. This, we find, and thus our call of a "Gray State", psyop, Murder, suicide fake!

   However, aware truthers, are much harder to fool with just a minor education into the specifics of the event. We are, however, currently not large and loud enough to be concerned about by the enemy so they just ignore us. We want real evidence as to what occurred. We want verification by more than government sources  who have showed one too many times they will lie and use false flag events.My conclusion is no one died.They were terminated  in those particular ID lives and will resurface somewhere else, with the media being very careful not to notice when and where they do! I got no proof  of this belief but then I ain't seen no proof and I mean physical evidence, not witness testimony, to support any government claims so far. This video claims it is now legal to propagandize "the  people". A fake killing or psyop would apply ( people heard, at Boston, constant references to a drill.The media mainstream is suppressing this to the dumbed down). We are living in a post Sandy Hook era and must doubt official explanations of any claimed event like this until verifiable truths from trust-able sources are rendered. For those of us more aware, we too notice the orchestrated roll out of all the  You-tube "experts" pushing the conspiracy narrative. None are pushing the hoax narrative and that's all the more reason to keep that path uncluttered with debris, and we will. When your movement is totally infiltrated, always look at what few are mentioning after you have analyzed the situation. Their job (the infiltrators) is to misdirect.

     So now the "Go Fund Me" caper. Dan Crowley, lives in easy driving distance of David's house, it's Christmas time, a time where everyone, who is family  if they are able, unites with it's core and no one made an effort to locate David, Komel and the daughter for a get together? (Huge red flag!)That's strange, so finally on the 17th of January, a guy looks through a window, shades wide open by the door, a window with the shades always drawn in that family from habit, and finally notices some dummy like looking bodies. The claim is that these bodies had been dead for at least three weeks. The likelihood that the house furnace was on is pretty great and that these bodies suffered from immense decay. One weird claim on a Facebook page when I asked if anyone had seen the bodies, was made by a claimed in-law of Komel's. He said that his betrothed bathed her sister before the funeral. He also groped to give answers to questions he couldn't know the answers to and I had some issues with his credibility. You understand the GoFundMe Site is trying to get 6 million dollars in contributions so they need a solid front of explanations to folks like me who aren't intimidated by the expectations for social niceties in such matters. He basically called me a dumb-ass because I didn't goo-goo and gaa-gaa to all his claims. This guy was never in Minnesota but we were supposed to assume he had authentic information.Too, he was clearly one of those lookin for Muslims still over 911, IMO (not the brightest bulb in the room).

 Dad wins motion for zoning change to enable "specialty" grocery store in August, right after his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer with supposedly no insurance  Back to Dan, too loosey goosey to know where his brother is on Christmas, he transforms into "Mr. Goodwill Ambassador" overnight after being notified of his brothers decaying corpse on the 17th of January. . In two days this new reality, that his brother was charged with murder suicide, had got him to immediately pursue a donation page to, let's be honest, capitalize on the sensationalism surrounding the crime. Millions of people die everyday and millions are murdered and few family members ever try and use that as a justification to set up a donation site for a distant relative and to Dan, Komal's mom is someone he barely knows. But as we shall see, there is rhyme and reason behind being generous to Komal's mom and all  may not be as it seems.profile of Komar's "Struggling" dad

    So, the logic is clear as to why the target for donations is a member of Komal's family.  This is a bone for the 80% of sheep who believe the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory), that it was a suicide by a deranged husband who believed in (unofficial)conspiracy theories.This puts all "sympathetic idiots" in play for donation possibilities to "innocent" Komal's family. It seems like an altruistic gesture by David's brother to make some sort of amends for ending Komar's and the daughter's life. But it gets better. This psychological move is irrelevant for conspiracy theorists who see a government hit to stop a great man from producing his "Mona Lisa" for truth. So,we got to keep those in play as well and this  gives partial explanation to the coordinated efforts to publicize the "GoFundMe" page on all things relevant to the "GrayState" project. Anyone attracted to the scary idea and coming reality of fema camps and armed revolution and government takeouts of real opposition are suckers for this promotion as well. "Of course, we should give to a martyr for the cause and help the wife's mom out!" They are unlikely to notice Dan's "generous" offer (of our money), to someone he barely knows, implies belief in the guilt of his brother.

    But there's more to this story. Komar's dad is no barely, middle class proletariat. Internet searches come up with a fairly well connected business man. When Dan made the  donation, he claimed the family was struggling. Yet, the dad when learning of the terminal cancer, felt the need to attend a rezoning meeting, that was successful by the way, to enable a "Beer and Wine Specialty Store" he wished to start up. It is claimed that Komar's mom had no health insurance. Does it sound credible that a thirty year CEO of a company with political connections would not carry health insurance for his sixty year old wife? Is it credible, that she would stay in a hospital for five months straight? But, according to Dan, he is helping out a struggling  family of Pakistani descent who are, seemingly, financially better off than his family but unable to carry good insurance though Anjum is an insurance agent..Yea, uh-huh! Sure! (refer to photos to fill in details)

    Now all these folks that were on David's team (most likely part of the op) are doing a tap dance to subtly fuel fears of a government hit but not saying so directly. This way they can have it both ways and all the forgiving kindergarton truthers will understand. Watch  likely infiltrator Swann, interview team "co-creator" Mason (?). Watch the tap dance to have it both ways and watch the plug for the donations page multiple times. People, ops are all around, disguised as good guys. Take nothing for granted, for our nation. Quit being trusting gullible suckers!

Take care for now. I always release my articles in beta and update for the next seventy-two hours as required.Thanks to Anastasia 157 for her-his contribution.

Protocols 12-12

When a pulse quickens
these hands will lead opinion
in the direction of our aims,
for an excited patient loses all power of judgment
and easily yields to suggestion.

Those fools
who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper
of their own camp
will be repeating our opinion
or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

In the vain belief
that they are following the organ of their party
they will, in fact,
follow the flag which we hang out for them.

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