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One thing Pewdiepie  does and it's a Jew technique, is edit out all the areas he comes off as a total dork, you just see what he wants you to see. I, let the whole me shine through, unedited, warts and allSnap8


Joseph Sigur Heretical Islam is created by Persians and Jorjani defames that? If Shiaism is not Islam, Protestantism is not Christian, lol.

Another thing Jorjani does not acknowledge is that an indo-European win in Iran would go against the Jewish agenda, a power structure that controls much of the mid-east, Europe and America Curious that Jorjani only does interviews with Jew-friendly hosts - by design? Please remember, when Jorjani defames Mosadeque, Jorjani literally had close ties with the Shah as stated in his own words to an acquaintance. One can't help but note that Jorjani's vision of a greater Iran totally treats as irrelevant Jewish aims for a greater Israel and their ability to ralley resources to thwart that desire Jorjani seems to believe is possible while overlooking the Jew. It's as if he believes Europe can currently act without considering Jewish preferences. This makes me believe Jorjani's aims are trojan horse in nature for Jewish power Also, take off the Jewish glasses. There were no Arab hijackers on 911
What Jorjani does not address which is a huge problem, is the Jewish question, not only today where he refers to sleeper cells (Islamic)in Europe and doesn't go into how they got there but also to the Jewish infiltration, indeed the enablement of Mohammed to create Islam within the Islamic invasion of Iran. Jorjani would have you believe we only have an Islam problem through omission. Then, it must be noted his worshipful view of the shah and his legacy and the obvious self-serving agenda that would remove Islam to possibly reinstall the earlier power group. Though Jews have been lobbying for goyim to attack Iran for 30 years, Jorjani claims that removal of Islam from Iran would be bad for Jews. He need to spend a few hours making his case there publicly Heretical Islam is created by Persians and Jorjani defames that? If Shiaism is not Islam Protestantism is not Christian, lol Another thing Jorjani does not acknowledge is that an indo-European win in Iran would go against the Jewish agenda, a power structure that controls much of the mid-east, Europe and America Curious that Jorjani only does interviews with Jew-friendly hosts - by design? Please remember, when Jorjani defames Mosadeque, Jorjani literally had close ties with the Shah as stated in his own words to an acquaintance. One can't help but note that Jorjani's vision of a greater Iran totally treats as irrelevant Jewish aims for a greater Israel and their ability to ralley resources to thwart that desire Jorjani seems to believe is possible while overlooking the Jew. It's as if he believes Europe can currently act without considering Jewish preferences. This makes me believe Jorjani's aims are trojan horse in nature for Jewish power Also, take off the Jewish glasses. There were no Arab hijackers on 911
The Aryan IranianThe Aryan Iranian 
Dr. Jorjani may avoid the topic because his career in academia would suffer heavily if he addressed it.
Joseph Sigur 
Well, don't we all have that issue? More or less? The fact is that without addressing the Jew part of the problem, the problem can't be addressed in full and you end up having a goyim war - Aryans against Islam, in this case, where Jews cheerlead both sides and also finance both sides - or the status quo continues, we weaken ourselves with minor winners and losers who get better Jewish crumbs and Jewish power is majorly enhanced, the end result, their total tyranny, closer.



Any words on E Michael Jones?
 Joseph Sigur
Not particularly, except the general rule of thumb on deep research intellectuals is they agree not to broach certain topics. I would guess Jones never addresses the Jewish false flag issue so many pretend are real events (unless it's good for Jews to do so - example (((VK Clark))) ) she turned what was clearly a real event into a false flag against herself and the SPLC. Within the statement she also showed a clear bias of being more concerned for (((innocent))) Jews than )))innocent((( goyim


Both Trump and Anglin promote Islamophobia for Jews not only  to create a goyim killing harvest but to distract from the real Jewish issues of our times

They both serve Jewry!

Someone Got Raped Last Night in Sweden

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
February 19, 2017

The lying Jewish fake news media is attacking Donald Trump for saying at last night’s rally in Florida that something happened last night in Sweden.


Note to John deNugent. Great men do not invent religions that they can, then, become "messiahs" of. Those are called cults.

JdN lists 20 different, creative ways to send your money to support his life

Great men do great things and a religion forms around them

I need your financial help to WRITE MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

What is my religion based on?old-soul-solutreans-jdn

When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die

A whirlwind of events, challenges, insights, you name it, have been part and parcel to my life the last ten days.

From a casual article stating the obvious, that VK Clark is a Jew tool pushing CULTURAL MARXISM and resistance division, the game expanded to the revelations about the Evalion whore's continued whoring, the Sinead's JONES that believes through division, she will rule over all of us, to the cyberbullying attacks conducted by VK Clark in the name of fighting cyberbullying (sound Jewish?) to a desperate, till now, unknown husband of VK's known online as heaproud blackman, appearing on the scene to defend the honor of his family, wife and kids, VK, apparently being his wife.

Heaproud blackman

Image result for heaproud blackmanThen,to the backing off in defense by (((Clark))) and a public notification that said she and the SPLC were totally (((innocent))) of what looked to be horribly damning charges of misconduct and finally to the settling in, in deep contemplation, as to what all of these behaviors, events and psyops meant for a take-away.

My mind meandered to the false flag, blind till now, (((Mrs. Clark))) who finally, with Jew glasses squeaky clean to only see what Jews wish us to see, revealed that VK's psyop attack on my You-Tube channel along with corresponding Jew entitled abuse rendered in my live chat on my personal web page was all a Queenie Cameron attack and not the obvious take-away everyone was assuming.

In other words, it was a FALSE FLAG psyop against her upstanding personhood and her impeccable best friend organization, the SPLC, wonderfully run by a bunch of Jews, by the way ( what poverty has to really do with Jews is hard for me to fathom since Jews are at the top of the "Jewish privilege" pyramid but run by Jews none the less it is).

the unmistakably beautiful, )))Queenie Cameron(((, maligned by (((VK Clark)))

So, good to know VK is false flag aware now and we will be monitoring her for that awareness to continue when the next false flag, good for goyim, to have exposed, she is in the middle of detailing.....

Nah!!!! Somehow I just don't think that's gonna happen!

Of course, no recall of events would ever be complete without mentioning  the LONE RANGER'S faithful Indian companion, TONTO'S, arrival on the scene to save VK Clark who was lying in a heap on the ground, bludgeoned by me, blood spewing everywhere, with the ANTI-CHRIST killing knife drawn, a bead on the MILO worshipper who called out for Satan's protection in hopes of a saviour.

Rodney Martin, the fake WN, actual Indian was to become her "Satan", who rumour claims is part Spanish and has a real last name of Martinez, therefore, being related to Brandon (is Brandon an Indian too?), set up his war dance fire, put on war paint and then put on his "Joe Sigur" disguise.


Then,  running around, as me, claimed he wanted to ass fuck Evalion and marry Sinead.

Luckily, I became aware of his presence as soon as he finished hooping and hollering which was part of that war dance they like to do in order to get the help of the snake gods they worshipand I quickly pointed out the caper, banned the idiot from my wall and "Cochise" promptly proceeded to make a fake wall claiming to be me with pervert implying videos on it.

To be sure I could appreciate it in full, he sent me a notification that said "Look at me, look at me!"

Since I don't have Jewish connections like Tonto-Rod does, I realized complaining to his friend, Janet Reno, who now works for Google, would do absolutely no good and decided to take Twain's advice about ignoring idiots unless you want to look like one..

The next day, on my drive to work, I made a video about the VK psyop on the goyim involving her (((23 and me))) ethnicity scores. Since her husband said she was a full blown Jewess, it basically made all that out to be a lie. (((23 and me))) was no way to guarantee legitimacy (Waiting for a VK debunk that's nowhere in sight).

Continue reading


Interesting! Now why would a Jewish operative come into comments under a video where I expose Clark for only seeing false flags when it is good for Jews to testify Clark to be a legitimate NAZI who harrasses them?mmmmmf



deNugent linking Whites and Jews to alien "chosenous?Image result for whites are aliens?

John de Nugent interviewed on race and the cosmos — do whites, and Jews, both come as colonists from the stars?

This is actually a Jew pretending to be HitlerImage result for the mark of the beastAre you ready for the (((mark))) first you must take the Transgender Awareness Test.Image result for the mark of the beast

(((Jam))) has more info on that for )))You(((

VK Clark, Tranny (?), Jew (?), Black Husband(?), Oh My!Image result for Bill Kaulitz

The above is a German male, Miley Cyrus equivalent, personality. VK Clark promoted Bill Kaulitz as the perfect Aryan male for three years with an amazing array of articles and pictures and videos pushing this elitist, Jewish privileged, gender twisted creep. Knowing this, Clark's real Jewish roots begin to make sense behind this caper as well as the concerns that (((Clark))) herself is a tranny. Poor Bill seems to have been (((replaced))) by a fag namedMILOImage result for MILO the fag

Hey Buckaroos!

I thought I would try to make article sense of the seven or eight videos I recently made regarding my, at first, negative critique of what (((Mrs. Clark))) was doing on her website, to then speculating about why she seems to have a tranny fetish ( a main page link to man-woman, Blair Brown), then demonstrating how I was attacked by VK Clark's troll army with the coinciding accidental outing of VK Clark by her seeming husband (yet to be addressed to my knowledge by (((Clark)))) and why all of this is important and more than just prying unfairly into a person's personal life, as the Jewish defense system would imply and have you believe.

To state right off the bat, I have revealed my real name to the public and exposed the fact I had an affair with a black woman in 1990 that resulted in my becoming a single parent to a mixed race female, the most important person in my life and my daughter.  I raised her as a single parent. 

When I became Jew-wise, The whole Jew-wise arena had already been saturated with low IQ racists who demonize race-mixing and who like reading books about the day when they are all tarred and feathered and then hung in the formation of some racialist white utopia. In 2014, when I first came to a personal conclusion that (((Mrs.Clark))) was Jewish and realized that it would take a sustained attack, due to the sleeping goyim all around, to damage Mrs.Clark with the additional knowledge that she was just the beginning of uncovering this subversive infiltration in what otherwise could be real, legitimate resistance, I not only outed my identity but the fact I have a mixed race daughter. I have done this numerous times and do not try to hide this.

Obviously, this was made easier by the fact that I, at the same time, considered the whole racialist movement a Jewish psyop and never pretended or implied I was a part of that system. In fact, I invented the phrase (((White Race Religion))).  The link, here, will tell you exactly what that means but needless to say, if you do not bend the knee to the white race religion, racialists basically consider you the enemy, just like the Jew, blacks, Arabs and whoever else is on their "RADAR OF HATE".

I have spent two solid years following Clark in order to curse her with my existence and know exceedingly well the image she likes to portray of herself. Interestingly, even though she has guarded her picture image via copyright claim threats, I now know all those pictures that she posts as her, was never her at all. I am not at liberty to post  the image she implied was hers due to the threat of copyright infringement but here is the google search link  that will show you what is available online

continue reading


John deNugent (speaking as )))Hitler((() offers advice to Trump ()))Patton((()jdnb

You need to grasp that (((they))) know, grasping reincarnation, who you are and were, a hardcore antisemite, a sleeper agent and America’s greatest general, and the only one whom I feared 1942-45 for the quality of your generalship, not the quantity of your men, tanks and planes, as with Montgomery, Bradley, Eisenhower and Zhukov.

The Jews will crash the economy to destroy you, just as they did with German-descended Republican businessman-president Herbert Hoover.

George, you need to do the following as soon as you can, or they will impeach or kill you, then complete the enslaving of America.

You need to do as I did in August 1934 in the Night of the Long Knives.

–Using some plausible national emergency, you must declare martial law

–round up and kill your Jew and gentile-traitor enemies

–abolish the Fed

–and cancel all debt: public, private and corporate, and relaunch 

Snap10vfandydIt looks like the stars are aligning in a covert comradery between Andrew Anglin and agent Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, a covert democratic megaphone to herd conspiracy theorists into the big democratic tent.

Though Anglin is doing the opposite with republicans what they do have in common is shifting the blame from Jews onto Saudis for the 911 attacks. Having been a reader of Veterans Today since 2012, I remember well how all the emphasis for 911 had been placed squarely on Israel (VT was incapable of blaming the Jewish elders). However agents  have reassigned priorities and are very aware of the easily pliable public psyche. For both, Anglin and Duff, it's time to blame the house of Saud


Saudi royal family was ‘deeply involved’ in 9/11: American analyst

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on February 15, 2017

September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

… by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor

The Saudi royal family was “deeply involved” in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans, says Gordon Duff, an American political commentator and Marine combat veteran.

Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on a report which says Saudi Arabia is recruiting US military veterans in an attempt to kill a recently-passed law allowing  9/11 families to sue Saudi nationals for their alleged role in facilitating the terrorist attacks.

The website, which is dedicated to exposing Saudi links to 9/11 and other buried truths about the terrorist attacks, called the Saudi campaign “a brazen effort.”

Duff described the Saudi initiative to hire military veterans to eviscerate the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) as “a bizarre ploy.” He said that “there is a huge amount of evidence that the Saudi royal family, Saudi government itself and others were deeply involved in 9/11.”

The September 11, 2001 attacks, also known as the 9/11 attacks, were a series of strikes in the US which killed nearly 3,000 people and caused about $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage.

Of the 19 hijackers that allegedly carried out the attacks, 15 were Saudi nationals and available evidence suggests some of them were linked to high-ranking Saudi officials.

source and read more


Image result for GermanPlebAn Excellent Comment Addressed to me, Found @

written by GermanPleb 


I've been reading and following your comments and share some of the same concerns about the so-called 'alt-right' or whatever you call it.
It is overwhelmingly pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist and I find this quite repellent. Jews and Zionists are the greatest haters of Whites and Europeans regardless of what they claim.
And don't get me started with Donald Trump and his address at AIPAC. I feel WW3 is around the corner, his family is entirely Judaized and I'm frankly sickened by how many WNs, Alt-Right Whites, etc, are behind him. The JEW-S-A wants a war against Iran and it will be using ALL Media to ensure this.
I suspect a lot of the "fake news" "alternative media" is Jewish controlled opposition much as the Jewish-MSM is. I read and sometimes comment when I feel on the "fake news" sites. But I have to admit I can't help but that Jews have their tentacles everywhere, including these "fake news" MSM.
I really don't know who to believe, but do believe we're being set up for WW3. And by we, I mean Europeans and Whites.
What I've noticed is at some sites, if you comment about Jews, then if you continue commenting about Jews and exposing Jewish subversion or activity, funny things start happening to your disqus account. Maybe it's just me. I tend not to have time to comment so much, but when I do, I want to get straight to it.
But if somebody were to look at my commenting, they would think all I do is obsess over Jews. Which isn't exactly wrong, since Jews and Zionists (Jew or gentile) are the ones who are manipulating the Western goyim with their divide-and-politics, order-out-of-chaos politics, divide and conquer mentality, etc....continue reading


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rrrrrPay no attention to every other street hustler pushing this story, believe JAM, confessed satanist (who loves quoting the bible as a (((fake))) Christian. He would not lie to us!

Extra, Bill Clinton used to be Dwight Eisenhower's dog. Ivanka is really Donald Trump's dad!


JAM continues (((Jewish onslaught))) making moral issue of his claiming every famous woman is a man, claim. He says avoid all folks who don't believe (((the teacher))) (JAM) for they are scum. More shekels for this gig than boldly outing the Jews, (((John)))?

VK Clark is working for the SPLC now?dddffI can say this, Queenie would never hurt me!Alt-right corn dog is VK Clark. She has consulted with the SPLC, sent to bed without her supper and ordered to give this responseSnap45

Apparently (((Mrs. Clark))), who we now know is married to a black man and has been misdirecting audiences about particulars regarding her personal life, has lots of company as demonstrated with this video by (((red ice)))

Haha, yes, (((Red Ice))) is  likely a Jew op or (((compromised)))) at minimum, altering their narrative for the Jewish overlords, while also stringing the goyim along with (((revelations)))) about those same Jewish overlords in order to (((herd))) them in a (((Jew))) approved direction

Amazingly Jew OP site (((Red Ice)))'s take away on all this (((Cohencidence))) crap is to pretend Jews aren't there because they love being blamed for crap. The fact is this is herding their followers to be good little Jew puppies in order to resist the Jews....................................................

or some call it Jew 


Newspeak is the language of Oceania, a totalitarian state ruled by the Party, who created the language to meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism (Ingsoc).[1] In the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, Newspeak is a controlled language, of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought—personal identity, self-expression, free will—that ideologically threatens the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who thus criminalised such concepts as thoughtcrime, contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.[2][3][4]

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