Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Why does everyone keeps saying that one should write a will before they die? The reasons are pretty obvious. Your assets, bequests and possessions get distributed to people that are not your family, the custody of your children who are in minor age groups will be given to those the court wishes for.


According to a survey conducted by Dubai wills DIFC, which states that a huge portion of people currently residing in Dubai don’t consider Dubai as their permanent resident. But at the same time a huge chunk of these people stay longer than they have planned, reason being, they have a huge share in that place than they had expected which makes it hard to leave back. If you are always on the road and keep switching places then a will that you wrote in your previous country may not still be valid according to the laws and regulations of the new country that you are currently residing in.


If you don’t write a will before departure from this world, then it can create several problems, the major one being that the people – mostly your immediate family – who are dependent on you and your visa, their visas will be cancelled. Your property and other assets will either be distributed to someone you don’t wish or maybe stuck in a court case which can take up to more than 5 years. Your insurance policies may have rules and regulations of its own, thus top law firms in Dubai suggest you to check in with your insurance companies.


Write a will and sign it in front of your witnesses with their signs but make sure that the witnesses can not be benefactor and you appoint an executor who will carry out your wishes and commands after your demise.


If you plan on staying in Dubai for a long term and draft your will according to that place, then make sure that there is an arabic translation available which will make it a lot more easier for the court to understand. Another thing that you may have to take care of is that not even a single word is misunderstood so that it does not create any confusion. That’s why hiring a lawyer for your will can make the process much more easier.

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