Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Your office meeting room plays a big part on your business operations. For one, it is where your team brainstorm for new ideas and this is where we invite our clients to sit down for a meeting.


And since it plays a big role for our business, the meeting room should be designed to wow the clients as well as the stakeholders. If you are finding your meeting room a little bit grubby and shabby, then it is high time to hire interior fit out companies in Dubai to give it a much needed facelift or you can do the following:


Pick the right room size

Your meeting should be not like any other rooms in your office in terms of the size. It should be bigger since it will house a number of people during meetings and conferences. It should have enough space to fit in equipment needed for presentations. Assess the size of your current meeting room. Is it big enough for 10-20 people? Are their enough space to move when the maximum number of people enter the room? If the space is too small, it would be best to look for a new room to be your meeting room.


Upgrade your technology

One of the main advantages that meeting rooms for rent offers is the advance technology it offers to clients. It would be great if you can have the same equipment and technology in your meeting room. For one, you don’t have to rent or outsourced a meeting room so just you can rent the equipment that you need. And it would also make your meetings more efficient as you don’t have to scour from different departments just to get the equipment that you need. Check if the technology in your meeting room is up-to-date. If not, start investing on top-notch tech equipment to elevate the level of your meeting room.


However, do not cram all the equipment inside the meeting room as it will take up space and might cause clutter inside the space. Choose a few equipment that you think will be frequently used in the space.


Make the design inspiring but consistent

Most meeting rooms are designed to be classy and simple, but it shouldn’t stop you to put creative and inspiring elements to it. Ask your interior design on how you can incorporate inspirational touches on your meeting room. Some companies opt to put the mission-vision of the company or an inspiration quote to encourage those who are in the room.


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