Tommy Robinson

Lynch-pin Lies

Why the "Holohoax" is the one Lie that the Jews can never admit!

initially published 9/11/14

in Goybiscuits - a Blindlight sister publication no longer available except in the Wayback Machine

BL - his was written in my first year of publishing articles. I had an enthusiasm then that escapes me now

I came to 911 truth in 2011. Just three years ago, having just joined Facebook and envolving in a few mainstream masonic left-right political groups, I made a deliberate decision to start friending "Ron Paul" people. You know, the folks politically excited about a guy that was saying more truth in the political arena, than anyone else. Pretty soon after that I discovered 911 was an "Inside Job" and , all excited, I went back into all these mainstream masonic left-right groups to tell them the good news, "Hey guys, there's no need for us to be in the middle east cause Muslims did not do 911!"

I was pretty quick to discover that they didn't want to hear it for either the brainwashing was too deep or the subject too nerve-wracking to discuss but whatever it was, they were quite content to follow the mainstream media dialogue, presented as reality, for "facts" to continue to liveby and consider legit. Plus, their info givers had warned them about folks like me already. After a few months of patiently talking to them, I decided to leave the world of the deluded and get into more intense analysis of this new NWO concept I had been made aware of. Before I go there, let me say, I am an ex-hippy, one who "turned on, tuned in and dropped out".

There really weren't that many that went all the way. Most back then, bought hippy clothes, did some drugs and learned to talk the hippy lingo, but most settled back into a mainstream lifestyle fairly quickly while I actually not only left family and friends behind, but dodged the draft and moved to Canada with the knowledge I might never be able to return to the states. Anyone doing drugs regularly, soon learns to see the police as "pigs" and develops a high level distrust for government representatives.

Perhaps my dropping out was made easier by the fact that I came from a dysfunctional family. See, I have this theory. In general the most patriotic Americans come from a very functional home environment. When you are little, your parents are like gods that can do no wrong and it's but a small step to pass that same feeling along to your county, your city, your state, your race, and your nation. I believe it tends to be the case, when a person has never had to seriously question why they were put in a specific circumstance because of the persuasive fact that most if not all of your needs are met by family and friends, you transfer all those positive assumptions to all these structures you are taught by as you grow.

I misssed out on the "perfect family" part!

For whatever reason, I was part of a, once, great family , that basically fell apart and I suppose it started before I was born. Perhaps the stock market crash was a big event. My mom's side of the family had a wholesale carpet company called Philadelphia Carpet Company, that had been in operation from the mid-1800s though I am speculating a bit. Apparently, my Uncle Will dabbled in banking of some sort and when the market crashed, not being an insider or a Jew, he got hit extremely hard, and because he had a Goy conscience, all the money lost on his account, some to business associates, he felt obligated to pay back. This made the 30's for the Thompson family, a decade where they were middle class and no longer upper-middle class.When Uncle Will died, the leadership of the carpet company went through some turmoil but the end result was that my grandmother's husband, who was not a blood relation in the Duher clan, German, by the way, was shown the door and so the Thompson family made their way down to Atlanta and started in a partnership forming another wholesale carpet company.

In the mean time, mom met dad, fell madly in love and married after the war in 1945. They met at a military ball and my dad was from a semi-poor Croatian immigrant background. Once they got married, there was definitely something akin to a culture clash between the two and my mom started developing the signs of schizophrenia pretty close to when I was born. Back then, you really didn't see crazy people on the street all that much and I assume the family had a hard time figuring out what was up. I do know that I discovered many old letters between my dad and my granddad talking about my mom, so what people clearly started doing was to talk about her but not deal with my mom directly.

In 1954, she had an official nervous breakdown me being 5 when she took me and my brother in the car on some kind of weird ride to get away from all the people out to get her.. She got hospitalized and the next five years I sometimes had a mom and sometimes didn't and as the schizophrenic habits took hold of her routine, by the time I was 11, my mother was basically unreachable in any real way. There were many years that we intermittantly suffered from long lectures emanating from her deranged mind. It was not fun and basically isolated my existence till the power of sports activity success in high school helped me partially recover.

I won't go on with this depressing story but suffice it to say when every other kid I knew had Sundays on the lake with noodle salad, I was living with this immense depressing shadow looming over me called my mom. What this leads me to is why I probably started questioning things around me with a scrutiny that friends enjoying boating lake weekends feel no need to do. Add to all this the turmoil of the 60's with the civil rights movement, the counter-culture movement and the anti-war movement and I was ripe for taking a few hits off of something good society was telling us to stay away from cause what I noticed more and more was the "good society" wasn't so "good"!
you could say mom was a challenge

So, jumping back to 2011, I was 911 truth unaware but very much aware of things others didn't seem to take account of. Like the questions removed for debate consideration. here we are discussing politics amongst extremely intelligent people and not all factors were allowed to be considered for discussion and if those topics were brought up, immediately shouted down if need be to re-establish control of the debate. Like, even when I accepted the OCT of 911 (Official Conspiracy Theory) I never got the fuzzy logic of why 19 Muslims hiding out in caves that did this bad thing was reason enough to start wars with whole countries.

I never got why even if Sadam had nuclear weapons capability or was trying to get it, how that allowed for a preemptive strike on the Iraqi people.These kinds of questions kept popping up in my mind as soon as I got interested in politics which was around 1980.So,back to 2011, and I have had 41 years of doubtful scrutiny going on about those that rule us. Yes, I had heard about a Jewish conspiracy but never took it seriously and there is a big hurdle I have noticed one must overcome to really get down to being accessible to hearing real truth. This hurdle is the realization we have the best propaganda system in the world, that free speech only exists if you dwell on unimportant concerns unthreatening to those pulling the strings and....THE LIES!.

The mammoth realization that all the folks in three piece suits picked to tell us what is going on are picked for their looks, their intellect and their willingness to hide the truth for those that pay their checks. This also means that all these info-givers must be willing to deliberately lie.If they don't learn this trade, they won't be on our TV sets or in the Politico news columns for us to read. The elites call this "providing necessary illusions" for the sheeple not capable of understanding the intricacies involved in the decision making process. So when you want to go to Iraq to build a pipeline or surround the real objective, Iran, "the people" are incapable of appreciating the truth so they must be lied to. This is why false flags occur, they provide justifications for the people to accept operations done in their name that they wouldn't agree to otherwise.

I remember how shocked i was when I realized this little production was gonna kill a million people for the chosen.This is why we had the "incubator babies" on the cold floors from a Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter posing as an ordinary Kuwaiti and this is why the media knew that and didn't tell you. What this breeds is a liar's paradise, where only lies, built from a foundation of prior lies, fits the puzzle of "normalcy" in our political dialogue. This is why every person that we are taught is an "evil dictator" is compared to the biggest dictator of them all, Adolph Hitler.

Of course Adolph Hitler is the original lie that is used to reference the continued "Necessary illusions tale" involving evilness that must succomb to the "goodness" which is us according to the lie-weavers! I am reminded of the Malcom X quote here, "If one isn't careful, the media will have you believing the victims are the attackers and the attackers, victims." I'll have the Palestinian Conflict on the rocks "shaken not stirred", please! Now we are entering a period where everyone knows everything is a lie but out of respect for the state, considers every lie, thrown at them by the liars, as worthy of analysis.

Therefore,we have a world built on lies but there are lynchpin lies within all this that are primary foundations for all that follow. You could make a case that Adolph Hitler is the most evil person that ever lived to be a lynchpin lie if you like. This assumption is used over and over again by mainstream analysts and co-opted truthers whenever they need an evilness standard- Use the Nazis or Adolph to disrepute your target.

Compare them to those items and you can then throw the discredited thru fiction in the trash as being no longer relevant. So, again, we have lynchpin lies. 911, is certainly a lynch-pin lie, for all the terror threats we are being "drama'd" to death with since 2001, is based on the Official Government Conspiracy explanation, sold in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Certainly, the Bolshevik takeover in 1917 is a lynch-pin lie seeing how it is sold as a communist takeover of Russia and not a Jewish takeover.

A lynch-pin lie would be that whites are behind the enslavement of the African people at the birth of our nation.The Jewish role, in effect is not available for scrutiny, due to their control of the system, so you have to wonder how would good blacks react to know that it was Jewish slave ships bringing them from Africa to America where nine out of ten would die before reaching their destination.Slavery was legalized in 1661-five years after the Jews were allowed to return to England. England governed the colonies. Slavery, run by jews had been going on a hundred years in South America under a different authority. Jews effectively removed real power from the English king to be able to return by financing the removal and subsequent beheading of the then king. It was the original revolution that was the mother of the French which mothered the Bolshevik-all primarily jewish ops.

This is no coincidence.

Then finally, there is the holocaust, a lynchpin lie that enables so many things. It enables any solidarity between whites to be brought to a screeching halt by the shouting of the word NAZI which implies a person that would kill Jews and every other race to boot. The Holocaust and the evil Hitler fiction, work hand in hand to mis-direct trusting goyim away from the Jewish necessity for attacking Germany because they wanted to rule their own people without international interference, to a narrative helpful for Jewish plans where this irrational white supremacism that mixes in hatred for Jews has a uniquely evil stamp tied to it.It enabled the state of Israel sooner than would have otherwise been possible. It enables the Jews to sell their political correctness agenda demonizing honest talk about real ethnic clashes and their causes. This holocaust narrative lie is directly,tied exclusively to the Jews, because it took ordinary Jews to sell the lie. It took influential Jews with money to hire people to falsify records and sell fictitious accounts. The biggie though is you don't even have to be JWO or Jew World Order aware to see the evilness of concocting such a lie perpetrated against innocent people for the obvious benefit of the chosen few. It also has the additional baggage that to enable protecting this lie, good people we call whistle blowers have had to be killed or jailed and laws passed so the topic can't be touched.

It is this clearly Jewish only benefit, this fake holocaust narrative that makes it necessary to go the extra mile. The Jewish elite can concede the Russian revolution happened or 911 happened and there are many many scapegoats to take the fall. Yes, we aware people, are not going to be fooled but most will and it is likely any investigation into 911 will simply get lower role scapegoats like Bush and Chaney or Saudis to take the hits. The holocaust is simply something that can't be touched. It benefits no one but Jews to perpetuate this sort of evil on the world . If we can air this out it will do tremendous damage to our central enemy-elite Talmudic Jews in a a way 911 never could.Tying Jews to the power of communism is also good but at this point is getting to be a remote event for most. After all, the evil today is terrorism which stems from 911 which stems from the creation of Israel which stems from the fake holocaust which stems from the fake uniquely evilness of the German people led by the most evil person in history, Adolph Hitler, who came to power mostly as a result of Bolsheviks trying to takeover Germany after WWI.

Now, when we consider how this matrix of lies have defined our "agreed upon" realities, how they build and extend upon the previous big lies and their subsidiaries, we then come to the Catch-22 we now find ourselves in. Anyone who wants to enter the political arena or debate must take premises that are false and argue with them as their foundation to have any chance at viability. There is practically no way to change the world for the better by accepting lies and made up facts as your starting point. Maybe a once in a thousand years occurrence could a person successfully do so. A Hitler in 2014 has a much bigger row to hoe to succeed than he did in 1920's Germany where Jewish control was less advanced though powerful. It was powerful enough to temporarily lose control but soon regain it due to their global controls in place elsewhere.

This situation we find ourselves in is dire. I submit validating the system thru entering the political arena and accepting false realities agreed upon thru Jewish brainwashing to manipulate votes is doomed to fail in any valid accomplishment. It is only thru unhooking ourselves from the brainwashing apparatus and planning positive counteractions of our own that any real change can occur.

The lies build and depend upon each other, Deconstructing these lies with truth awareness will weaken the pillars the JWO exists upon. It is time for a counter-narrative and this should go beyond simply arguing with the actions being taken upon us by the controlling entities.This narrative should be offensive in nature and not simply reactive.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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