December 1, 2020

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Pre-staging An Offbeat Corporate Event For Your Company

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Marketing managers often find themselves at the end of their rope when planning an event for their company. And it is not an easy task. There are lots of factors that comes into play even before the actual events happen.

That is why pre-planning is very important. It plots every aspect of the event and will serve as a guideline for team that will be participating on this project. For beginners on this field, here are some tips to help on your pre-planning stage:

  1. Know the objective of the event


Before you get into the planning stage, you need to know what would be the purpose of this event. Without a purpose, you will hard a hard time to stage this affair. Having a definite purpose will align all the individuals that will be working on the event. Meet with your team and formulate a solid purpose and objective that would serve as the highlight of this event.


  1. Think of a unique theme and concept


Once the objective is set, it is time for you to think of a theme and concept that would encapsulate and highlight the whole event purpose. You can ask your team and other departments to help you with this. You can make it fun by having a content amongst your officemates and the person who will be able to provide the best theme or concept will get an awesome price from the company. It is good to involve as many people as possible so they can feel that they are part of event organization. You can also expect full support and participation for them. The concept should be unique and totally related to purpose.


  1. Seek professional help


To further polish the purpose and the concept, you can get the services of event management companies in UAE to help you with this. The good thing about hiring a corporate events planner will help your organize everything with ease. Apart from polishing the theme, event management companies have contacts and production staff that can assist on pre-planning strategies and help on staging the events itself. Do not hesitate to seek help of professional teams but be very strict on screening corporate planners so you can be sure that you are getting the best one.


  1. Know your budget capability


Event budget plays a big role on staging your event. It will determine what aspect is feasible or not. Most marketing team allot funds for their corporate events. When requesting for a budget, be sure to have some leeway and margins so you and your team will not be working on a tight budget. Present this to your marketing team and corporate events planners and ask them to present a plan based on the budget presented.

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