March 4, 2021

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How to Clean a Car Fast and Easily

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Car is a thing that is necessary in this era, for some this is a necessity and for some this is a luxury but no matter what, to make a car look shiny and squeaky, you have to keep in clean. But cleaning a car is a very hectic job and some people spend a lot of money by washing their cars in the carwash station. Even though cleaning a car in the carwash is very cheap but the thing is that if you see annually how much you go to the carwash station for deep cleaning Abu Dhabi, you will see that you spend a lot of money. And if you have already calculated the expenses and thinking of cleaning the car by yourself, then it is best that you read this article fully because here, you will know the tips and tricks of getting a shiny and a clean car.

And the first tip is to use air conditioner for the best shine. You must be wondering that why a human hair product is used on a car but the fact is that the hair conditioner makes your hair shiny and silky because it has some powerful chemicals that also bring out the shine in the car as well. But remember that this tip should be used for external use only and not for the inner side of the car. And this shine will remain for 3 to 4 days unless you are on bad side of the luck and have rain or storm in those days.

If your car is getting rusting from different places then it is best that you wash it with coke. It must be very difficult to believe this but this is a fact and there are many videos all over the internet world where people have spent only 2 dollars on coke and washed it and the bubbles make the rust go away. People who live in rainy countries, they face a lot of problems of dirty windscreens and not just any dirty, the dirt becomes very hard to wash with water, many people have made videos that they threw coke on the windscreens and the bubbles lift the dust and the dirt comes off pretty easy. Just for fun, even vodka does a pretty good job in cleaning the windscreen, it provides extra clarity. You can also opt for companies that offer sofa deep cleaning to help you with cleaning car seats.

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