Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Fujairah, Dubai’s silent cousin that quietly is rising to the top of the tourist destination board in UAE. But no tourist destination is complete without good hotels. Luckily Fujairah has a wide variety of hotels that cover all categories of tourist requirements. If anything they even have room to spare to support the wide range of extra tourists that come to Dubai even but can’t find a place to stay or find it too expensive or overcrowded or familiar for their tastes. Here is a small list of hotels in Fujairah that you must visit if you get a chance to visit the city.


  1. Hotel Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach. This has also been dubbed the best hotel in Fujairah. One that rivals and at times even exceeds international hotel standard of 5 star hotels, with top of the line services, beautifully designed unique building and all the necessary services imaginable already available for you. This hotel is actually so good you might spend your whole trip inside the hotel just out of sheer amazement.
  2. The Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort. This resort follows the design language of a small italian town drenched in style and comfort. Multiple pools, private rooms that resemble your own personal houses and a landscape so beautifully calming, this is one resort you got to visit if relaxation is your trip goal. The hotel itself feels like a string of royal palaces just for you to relax in.
  3. Fairmont Fujairah Beach resort. This is a hotel that’s made to reflect but Arabian culture and advancement. This hotel has its own docking bay for boats, a unique architectural design and interior design  that looks like it was designed by Louis Veton(It obviously isn’t but the design language of this hotel has that luxury unique cultural feeling).
  4. Novotel Fujairah. Now this is a hotel that focuses completely on the modern aspect of hotels, with a design, string of services and list of facilities that all testify to a latest is greatest theme. The rooms look modernly designed with fresh futuristically stylish looks that emphasize comfort. From both inside and out, nothing you see here will feel ancient or old and antique to you, as you enjoy exploring this beautiful premises that puts you in today without showing off technology but through sheer architectural design language and facilities.
  5.  Lastly The Millennium hotel Fujairah. If comfortable minimalism with all necessities, facilities and services that 5 star hotels offer is your demand for your next trip to Fujairah, then the Millenium hotel is the place you should try. Now by minimalism i don’t mean that the hotel lacks in anyway or category. But the experience is just more clean and common with a design language for the rooms, massage areas, lounge, dining halls etc. is one that focuses more on what you are used to rather than something too new or exotic.


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