Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

You may have heard a lot about armored vehicles these days. But, did you know what makes them different from your ordinary cars? Perhaps you don’t, if that’s the case, you should familiarize yourself more about what an armored vehicle actually is. Similarly, people often confused an armored car with a military vehicle. However, mistaking one for another is nothing but a mistake that people often end up making. These days, some armored vehicles are often manufactured keeping commercial aspect in mind. However, these cars are not up to the military level since military requirements are quite different from commercial ones. As such, both types of cars, despite having several similarities, are not exactly the same. They are designed for different markets and have often vastly different specifications. Here is more why armored cars are different from military cars:

Military Vehicles

The original concept of an armored vehicle revolved around a vehicle that could provide ample security to soldiers in the battlefield. As the specifications grew, basic military vehicles were considered insufficient in terms of protection and firepower. Most of these vehicles were inadequately protected which left the crew vulnerable. Hence, the concept of an armored vehicle was developed. This type of vehicle was meant to provide protection to infantry while performing a variety of operations. Today, several different types of military armored vehicles are being offered. The basic protection level varies somewhere around B5 to B7+. The B5 level offers basic protection as the vehicle is covered with a thin metal or composite plate. This level is deemed sufficient against small arms like 9mm bullets and light explosives. Other levels offer better protection against heavier firearms and explosives.

Civilian Armored Cars

Contrary to their military counterparts, the civilian armored cars offer relatively smaller protection. However, this is so because these vehicles are likely to operate inside urban regions, away from the battlefield. Naturally, the level of protection is dramatically reduced. However, they still offer decent protection levels against most types of firearms. However, they don’t offer integration of firearms and are strictly meant to fulfill standards for civilian armored cars.

Now that you know why the two types are clearly meant to fulfill different purposes, it is time to look into buying a civilian armored car. After all, why shouldn’t you when you can ride the roads with ample protection around you?

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