Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

While robbery and theft are very common at residential places due to lack of security it is not easy to keep the personal belongings and valuable with their at home and that is why they choose a trustworthy bank which insures them all kinds of security in safe deposit lockers in Dubai.

Even if these safes claim to be hundred percent robbery proof, kept under high maintenance security can they still be trusted or what are the advantages and disadvantages of these deposit lockers? Find out here now as we are going to list down all of these giving you a clear idea of why you should or maybe shouldn’t use them.


Let’s simply dive into the hardest part first and that is the disadvantages of deposit lockers the first disadvantage is that you have to plan a meeting prior which means that if you want to get something in a quick emergency you can’t before planning a meeting.

Another disadvantage is definitely the price of the lockers. Sometimes the prices may not be high but they still require to be paid in advance for a specific amount of time which means that if you withdraw your belongings in a locker and you no more needed your locker, you would still not be refunded according to the policy.

It is important to take the size of the locker under consideration even if you want a small and medium-sized locker you cannot use it as whatever will be available will be handed to you which can prove to be a huge inconvenience and especially when you do not have enough material to put in the locker.

If you are one of those people who you do not like looking back for counting your things again and again then you are a potential victim as the lockers which are not frequently checked or used, they are the target of robbers as they assume that these abandoned lockers belong to owners who would not create much havoc when the robbery takes place.


The foremost advantage of a locker is that it is very much cheaper as compared to handling security all by yourself. A normal person cannot take care of every situation from all sides which means that a fire hazard for inevitable accident could still be happening and you will not be able to save your belongings unless you have a locker in bank.

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