October 21, 2020

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5 Things That You Should Replace in Your Hotel Bar

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If you are a hotel owner or a manager of a prestigious hospitality business, you need to always ensure that your space is in top condition. Remember that you are managing a place that should provide utmost comfort to clients. With that, it is imperative that you update your amenities regularly.

If you are running this kind of business, here is the list of things that you need to replace in your hotel bar and rooms.

  1. Silverware


Your hotel’s silverwares are one of the most used equipment in the space. Every time a diner or a hotel guests orders food, your staff serve the dishes along with the cutlery. Over time, the silverwares would look unsanitary and worn off. There are some hotel guests and clients that are quite particular with the conditions of their cutlery. Hospitality experts advise owners to regularly replace their silverwares at least once a year.


  1. Glasses


Another thing that you need to replace regularly along with your cutlery are the glasses. Drinking glasses are always present in tables and bars. Over time, you might see the materials if these glassware and drink wares turning a bit cloudy and unclean. Although there are ways to bring back the look of these cocktail glasses and goblets, it would be best to replace them to ensure that the drink wares look clean and new to the hotel guests.


  1. Chair and tables


When you are running a dining place or a hotel bar, two of the things that people immediately notice are the tables and chairs. And the hotel guests will be able to scrutinize the condition of these amenities up close. Broken tables and chairs will not only look bad aesthetically, but it can also cause accidents in your business place. Be sure to contact your trusted hotel furniture suppliers in Dubai to provide you a list of their hotel furniture in case you need tables and chairs replacement.

  1. Curtains and table clothes


Aesthetics is an important part of the hospitality industry. Making sure that your space is presentable is imperative, as it can affect how people feel about the space. Which is why it is a must regularly replace your restaurant’s tablecloth and curtains to increase your space’s appeal.


  1. Cabinets


Your cabinets served many purpose in the space. For one, it is where you housed your dining equipment and dining wares. It is also part of the design aesthetics. Given its purpose, it is necessary for you to ensure that they are in top condition. A repair or replacement is in order to prolong its lifespan.

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