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  • Best holiday tour packages from Dubai UAE

    Traveling agencies and operators sometimes offer tour packages as a means of advertising their business. Of course, this is not a bad thing in itself, the bad comes in when the product is misrepresented. It is possible to be taken in by the promise of a much-desired tour that you forget to check all the […]

  • Combining cultural designs with contemporary ideas: An inside look at Dubai

    One of the reasons Dubai has managed to successfully attract people with its architecture is the approach it has taken to design. There has been a constant desire to include contemporary designs in architecture with the intention being not just to erect a structure, but to build one that satisfies the senses, at least, the […]

  • Dubai Smart City project – making people happy through smart mobility

    Find anyone who lives in an urban area, ask them what they like about their city and somewhere on the top of the list of the most recurring themes will be the smartness of the city. Smart people don’t want to just have smartphones, the want to live in smart cities. So what is a […]